Web hosting with dedicated hardware and root access for Windows and Linux

Beware of traps

The web hosting offer is almost unmanageable. While it was almost for exclusively Linux-based systems, providers now advertise with Windows platforms. In the highly competitive market, the seller offers in the lower price segment and it seem to be not always realistic.

Decide the responsible ITler a company to seek at its own website in whole or in part, supported by a provider should, in principle first laid down the claims and be answered the question to what extent the welfare of the company on the smooth functioning of this web presence depends. If there are only colorful pictures and advertising claims of the PR department, an interim failure can probably cope.

It provides you contact opportunities and support in this way with some customers could be already annoyed at the message that the page is temporarily unavailable. Critical business is a failure when it runs the real business: What would it cost Dell, for one day not to be accessed online?

Basically, there are several categories of web hosting that can be distinguished. The simplest form is called “shared hosting”, here the customers share a physical system. The web server is a virtual web server, the database file is in a shared database server process.

The possibilities of what the customers are able to do are usually limited to the import of scripts and data. The rest can only be done by the providers. Shared hosting often runs on mainframes, and it is intended only for very small applications and therefore more suitable for home users because it is interesting for the companies.




SEO Hosting – To be found

You have SEO hosting in your business, your products or your services googled before? This is a fascinating subject is not it? How often were you on the first page or the first Top 5 hits, of course without the Google Adwords ads counted. It has been shown that Adwords banners are clicked significantly less than the top 5 in the Google search below.

So why should you continue several hundred or thousand francs to invest in expensive Adwords advertising if it can be done much better. The magic word is SEO hosting. Under Search Engine Optimization SEO refers to various measures to the ranking in the search engine to positive change.

Search engine optimization is not a measure that can be performed once and then you find yourself automatically in the first rank. No, SEO is an ongoing process and must be analyzed and optimized regularly. For this reason, we offer the service only by subscription.

We care not only about the accommodation and the hosting of your website, but also to the entire DNS and email management.

In addition, we fill your monthly Joomla or WordPress website, blog, or web log. We optimize your web pages content (content items) and position your contributions by prominent onpage Optmierungen. The Onpage optimization includes all substantive adjustments to your website – as well as manual and consistent set of backlinks.

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SEO optimization & hosting

The term “hoster” comes naturally from the English and literally means “host”. The Hoster is basically a provider of space on its computers rented. These are normally in data centers, with appropriate conditions [air conditioning, access control, engineer] and a backbone connection to the global network. Each of these computers can own hundreds of domains and hosting customers, depending on the data volume. When booking a web hosting plan, you share a computer with many other customers.

There is a so-called V-Server. This is “Virtual Server” which is emulated within a physical machine. Here, you usually share a server with 1-10 clients. These servers are then for medium sized projects. Even complex applications can be run pretty decent here. The only drawback is that here you have to share the complete server performance with the other customers.

Root Power

Real root server, so the “lease” of a complete computer in the server center may be the most efficient solution, but for the SEO field this is less useful. While it is possible to operate several IP addresses on this, but also knows Google and is also a focus on the Class C IP address. While a linking of projects on the same physical machine is perfectly fine, complex networks should be avoided.

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